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Year : 2020
Type : Think Tank / R&D Product
Status : Under Development
Text : DesignBoom

SODO – SOPA presents ‘serif + sero’ – a modular and stackable coffee table series that aims to promote the upcycling and repurposing of cardboard packaging. For this project, the sydney based design studio wanted to introduce flexibility in function and form for the everyday coffee lover using only repurposed cardboard as a material. The assembly involves a series of cuts, scores, flips and folds before locking into place. the set is available in either square or circular forms offering options of a simple or more challenging assembly.

The design was inspired by a previous project that the studio worked on, where they constructed a completely upcycled cardboard installation for the public with 1,800 hand cut modules that were sourced from thrown out cardboard. The proposal allowed for a platform that the public could shape and mould, creating different spatial experiences throughout the day and designed collectively. The project was awarded first place and the president’s choice.

Electronics companies use thick, corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping to properly protect the goods inside. these boxes often end up as waste, as the size and weight of the cardboard boxes mean they are difficult to recycle in an average household, which contributes to around 90 billion tons of cardboard and paper being discarded every year in the us alone. Additionally, another good reason to avoid sending cardboard to landfill is that it decomposes and generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is harmful to the environment.