Follo Museum Workshop

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Team : SODO – SOPA, KOSY and Studio Sang
Location : Norway
Year : 2020
Type : Cultural / Public
Status : Concept

Proposal for a new workshop at the Follo Museum in rural Norway. The workshop will be a community attractor where upcoming generations of tradesmen and specialists within traditional trades can develop, showcase and share their knowledge and ideas.

The development will complement and enhance the museum’s existing landscape whilst also providing a new entrance to the historic complex located approximately 26km south of Oslo. Placed in a radial configuration, the building embraces a clearly defined yard (gardstun) with a new clear spatial identity for the Follo Museum that is interconnected by a series of exterior spaces. The green-roof covered volumes contain the building workshop, the textile workshop, back of house areas and storage space.

The uniqueness of our proposal is the clarity of the building’s organization and simple angular form that offers an “element of surprise'”. This was inspired by the traditional Norwegian Cabin concept, but layered with contemporary design principles and materials. The workshop aims to connect the users and visitors with nature while sitting quietly among the trees in a perfect balance with the environment.

The workshop will appear as part of the site’s lush forest from the arrival area, camouflaging with the rest of the landscape. An open cut through the landscape leads the visitors through the museum’s new gateway where they can access and view the ticket center, museum arrival plaza, landscaped amphitheater and the surrounding museum buildings.

As a dichotomy, the inner face of the building has radical transparency that invites the museum visitors to enjoy the whole process and works taking place in the workshops while providing the workers with the unique experience of working in the middle of the forest.